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Thursdays @ 12:30 in History

Seminars & Workshops - Winter 2017

Lawson 2270C (*unless noted)

DSS (History Department Seminar Series) - PDW (Professional Development Workshops for Grad Students) - McC (McCaffrey Graduate Research Series)

January 5 - [PDW & TA Training] - James Flath, Cayley Bower, Chris White - "Teaching History to Students for Whom English is a Second (or Third) Language"

January 12 - Alan MacEachern - "Graduate Open House Day: Come Meet Prospective Grad Students and Answer their Questions"

January 19 - starts at 12:00 noon - [PDW] - Monda Halpern, Karen Priestman, Geoffrey Stewart, Shauna Devine, Timothy Compeau, Elliot Worsfold - "What It Means to Teach on a Contract: Everything You Ever Wanted to Ask Contract Faculty"

January 26 - [DSS] - Karen Balcom (History, McMaster) - "The Back Door In:  Transnational Adoption and Racial Exclusion Laws in the Post-WWII United States"

February 2 - [PDW] - Nina Bozzo & Michael O’Hagan - "Research Tips and Tricks: Organizing your Research & Making Bibliographies Easy"

February 9 - [PDW] - Robert MacDougall & Laurel Shire - "It Takes a Village: How to Create a Writing Group and How to Get Your Research Published"

February 16 - [DSS] - in Lawson Hall 1227David H. Levy (Canadian Astronomer) - "Poetry of the Night: Reading the Historical Night Sky Through English Poetry"

February 23 - Reading Week - No Seminar

March 2 - [PDW] - starts at 11:30 a.m. - Melanie-Anne Atkins (Education, Western) - "Taking Care of Yourself and Each Other: Mental Health Supports on Campus"

March 9 - [DSS] - Robert MacDougall (History, Western) - "Something for Nothing: The Keely Motor vs. the Laws of Thermodynamics"

March 16 - [McC] - Michael O’Hagan (History, Western) - "Beyond the Barbed Wire: Prisoner of War Labour Projects in Canada during the 2nd World War"

March 23 - [PDW] - (Career Services, Western) - "Getting Paid to Use the Skills You Learned in Graduate School: What’s Next?"

March 30 - [DSS] - Brock Millman (History, Western) - "All's Well That Ends Well: Tshekedi Khama and the Genesis of Modern Botswana, 1949-1959"

April 6 - [McC] - Nina Bozzo (History, Western) - "‘Somewhere in France’: A Case Study of the No. 3 Canadian General Hospital (McGill) Overseas"


Seminars & Workshops - Fall 2016

Lawson 2270C (*unless noted)

DSS (History Department Seminar Series) - PDW (Professional Development Workshops for Grad Students) - McC (McCaffrey Graduate Research Series)

September 15 - [PDW] - Profs. Francine McKenzie, Laurel Shire & Robert MacDougall (History, Western) - "Things We Wish Someone Had Told Us: Why You Need Professional Development Workshops"

September 22 - [DSS] - Nancy Christie (History, Western) - "Dardanella and Peter: Intimacy in World War I"

September 29 - NO THURSDAY @12:30 event this week, please attend the Goodman Lectures, MTW 2:30-4:00 p.m., Great Hall in Somerville. Graduate students: Please plan to attend a Q&A with the Goodman Lecturer, Dr. Mark Ormrod, on Tuesday, September 27 at 4:00 p.m. in the Great Hall regarding opportunities for research, study and employment in the U.K.*

October 6 - [PDW] - Profs. Robert MacDougall & Robert Wardhaugh - “When, Why and How You Should Apply for a Grant”

October 13 - [PDW] - Profs. Katherine McKenna, Nancy Rhoden & Aldona Sendzikas - "'When Will They Realize I Don’t Belong Here?' Dealing with Impostor Syndrome at Every Stage of Your Career"

October 20 - [DSS] - Eli Nathans (History, Western) - "Is America Strong Enough? Peter von Zahn and the Cold War Broadcasts to West Germany"

October 27 - Fall Break, NO THURSDAY @12:30 event this week

November 3 - [PDW] and TA Training - Karyn Olsen (TSC, Western) - "Classroom Management: How to Command Respect and Encourage Classroom Equity"

November 10 - [McC] – Frances Henry (Ph.D. Candidate, Western) - "'The best way to serve an Englishman': Sodomy and Race on the HMS Africaine, 1815"

November 17 - [PDW] – Aisha Haque (TSC) and Profs. Stephanie Bangarth, Shauna Devine, and Timothy Compeau - "How to Pick a Supervisor, and How to Be a Good Mentee"

November 24 - [DSS] (International Week event) - Geoffrey Stewart (History, Western) - "Ngô Đình Diệm's Lost Revolution: Development and State Formation in the Republic of Vietnam"

December 1 - [PDW] and TA Training - Profs. Eli Nathans and James Flath - "Responding to Student Writing"