2017-18 Professional Development Workshop

Your formal training as a historian takes place in classes and seminars, writing a cognate paper, taking comprehensive exams, and producing a doctoral dissertation.  There are other facets to an academic career, including public speaking, networking, effective writing, publishing, applying for grants, and teaching.  These are not always addressed directly or explicitly in your formal studies.  The purpose of the PDW is to help prepare you for the 'other' many and varied parts of an academic career (as well as careers outside academe). 

The PDS will take up questions of immediate relevance to you, including applying for grants.  The sessions will be led by students and faculty, followed by discussion.

All workshops will be held on Thursdays at 12:30 p.m.  in Lawson 2270C (*unless noted)

September 14 - History Faculty Members - "Things We Wish Someone Had Told Us: Why You Need Professional Development Workshops"

Tuesday, September 26. Starts at 11:30 am* - [PDW] - Paul Schmidt (Writing Support Centre), Cary Takagaki, Chris White (PhD candidate) and Shane Roberts - "Teaching across Cultures, Languages, and Generations"

September 28 - PDW on Tuesday, September 26*. Please attend the Goodman Lectures, MTW 2:30-4:00 p.m., Great Hall in Somerville.

October 5 - Laurel Shire and Robert Wardhaugh - "How, When, and Why to Apply for a Grant"

October 19 - Francine McKenzie and Shelley McKellar - "Imposter Syndrome"

November 9 - Melanie-Anne Atkins (Wellness Education Centre) - "Best Bets for Beating Stress: Mental, Physical, and Environmental Wellness Practices"

November 30 - Eli Nathans and Jonathan Vance - "Responding to Student Writing (Efficiently and Fairly)"

January 18 - Melanie-Anne Atkins (Wellness Education Centre) - "Self-Care and Mental Health"

February 8 - Digital History Lab Group - "Teaching with Digital Tools: Quick, Fun Ways to Get Students Engaged in Tutorial (open to visiting students considering entering our graduate programs)"

March 8 - Graduate Alumni of Our Programs - "Alumni Advice and Inspiration: You Will Get a Job, and It will Have a Salary, and You Will Probably Even Like It"

March 29 - CANCELLED Due to unforeseen circumstances, Melanie-Anne Atkins (Wellness Education Centre) - "Social Wellness: How to Take Care of Yourself and Each Other" session has been cancelled. We are sorry for any inconvenience.


Past Professional Development Workshop


September 15 - Profs. Francine McKenzieLaurel Shire & Robert MacDougall (History, Western) - "Things We Wish Someone Had Told Us: Why You Need Professional Development Workshops"

October 6 - Profs. Robert MacDougall & Robert Wardhaugh - “When, Why and How You Should Apply for a Grant”

October 13 - Profs. Katherine McKennaNancy Rhoden & Aldona Sendzikas - "'When Will They Realize I Don’t Belong Here?' Dealing with Impostor Syndrome at Every Stage of Your Career"

November 3 - Karyn Olsen (TSC, Western) - "Classroom Management: How to Command Respect and Encourage Classroom Equity"

November 17 - Aisha Haque (TSC) and Profs. Stephanie BangarthShauna Devine, and Timothy Compeau - "How to Pick a Supervisor, and How to Be a Good Mentee"

December 1 - Profs. Eli Nathans and James Flath - "Responding to Student Writing"

January 5 - James Flath, Cayley Bower, Chris White - "Teaching History to Students for Whom English is a Second (or Third) Language"

January 19 - starts at 12:00 noon - Monda Halpern, Karen Priestman, Geoffrey Stewart, Shauna Devine, Timothy Compeau, Elliot Worsfold - "What It Means to Teach on a Contract: Everything You Ever Wanted to Ask Contract Faculty"

February 2 - Nina Bozzo & Michael O’Hagan - "Research Tips and Tricks: Organizing your Research & Making Bibliographies Easy"

February 9 - Robert MacDougall & Laurel Shire - "It Takes a Village: How to Create a Writing Group and How to Get Your Research Published"

March 2 - starts at 11:30 a.m. - Melanie-Anne Atkins (Education, Western) - "Taking Care of Yourself and Each Other: Mental Health Supports on Campus"

March 23 - (Career Services, Western) - "Getting Paid to Use the Skills You Learned in Graduate School: What’s Next?"