Research Seminar Series

2017-18 Research Seminar Series

September 21:
Tunde Adeleke (Iowa State University)
"We are an African People:  Re-centering Africa in Twentieth Century Black Liberation"

October 26:
Carl Young (History, Western)
"Witnesses and Go-betweens:  Canadian Missionaries and the March 1919 Independence Movement in Korea"

November 16
Serhiy Kvit (National University of the Kyiv Mohyla Academy)
"Ukrainian Revolutions 1990, 2004-2005, and 2013-2014: Media as the Key to Understanding of the Post-Soviet World"

December 5
Zack Taylor (Political Science, Western)
"TVA on the Fraser:  How American Regionalism Shaped Post-war Vancouver"

January 25
Joan Sangster (Gender & Women's Studies, Trent University)
"Re-narrating the History of Women's Suffrage in Canada"

February 15
Bill Acres (History, Western)
"Copyrighting the English Reformation: Print, Theft, and Madness, 1685-1730"

March 15
Mark Tovey (Post-doc, Western)
"Telling Neighbourhood Stories: Geo-locating History in the St. George-Grosvenor-Piccadilly Neighbourhood"

2016-17 History Department Seminar Series

September 22:
Nancy Christie (History, Western)
"Dardanella and Peter: Intimacy in World War I"

October 20:
Eli Nathans (History, Western)
"Is America Strong Enough? Peter von Zahn and the Cold War Broadcasts to West Germany"

November 24:
Geoffrey Stewart (History, Western)
"Ngô Đình Diệm's Lost Revolution: Development and State Formation in the Republic of Vietnam"

January 26:
Karen Balcom (History, McMaster)
"The Back Door In:  Transnational Adoption and Racial Exclusion Laws in the Post-WWII United States"

February 16:
David H. Levy (Canadian Astronomer)
"Poetry of the Night: Reading the Historical Night Sky Through English Poetry"

March 9
Robert MacDougall (History, Western)
"Something for Nothing: The Keely Motor vs. the Laws of Thermodynamics"

March 30
Brock Millman (History, Western)
"All's Well That Ends Well: Tshekedi Khama and the Genesis of Modern Botswana, 1949-1959"

2015-16 History Department Seminar Series

September 17:
Amy Bell (History, Huron)
"Abortion Crime Scene Photography in Metropolitan London 1950-1968”

October 8:
Maya Shatzmiller (History, Western)
“Paper, Books, and Purchasing Power in the Medieval Islamic Middle East”

October 15:
Jim Miller (History, University of Saskatchewan)
“Canadians Confront Their History: Residential Schools and Reconciliation”

October 22:
Marlene Shore (History, York)
“Prophets of the Psyche: Psychology as a Harbinger of Modernism”

November 19:
Dimitry Anastakis (History, Trent)
“Are We There Yet? Rethinking Canada’s 1970s History and Historiography”
Dimitry Anastakis' Profile & Publications

January 28:
Adele Perry (History, Univ. of Manitoba)
“Love and Rule: Gender, Intimacy, and Nineteenth-Century Politics”

February 11
Karen Balcom (History, McMaster)
"The Back Door In:  Transnational Adoption and Racial Exclusion Laws in the Post-WWII United States”

February 18 – Reading Week

March 17
Juanita DeBarros (History, McMaster)
"Colonial Children and Imperial Institutions in the Caribbean”

2014-15 History Talks

January 8:
Geoff Stewart, Sarah Wobick-Segev (History, Western)
- Professional Development Workshop[PDW]: "Navigating the Academic Job Market"

January 15:
Nassisse Solomon (History, Western)
- McCaffrey Graduate Student series [McC]: "Of Canadian Concern: Why the Abyssinian Crisis of the Second World War Served as Canada’s Call to Action for Social Mobilization against Tyranny & Racial Impunity"

January 22:
Geoff Read (History, Huron)
- Departmental Seminar Series [DSS]: "Prisoners of Their Sex: Gender, Race, & Women's Suffrage in Interwar France"

January 29:
Claire Halstead (History, Western)
- McC: "No Longer Faceless or Spaceless: Databasingthe Migration of British Child Evacuees in Canada in the Second World War"

February 5:
Gregg French, Alan MacEachern, Steve Marti (History, Western)
- Special time (11:30), special session (for MA History students): "The MA Cognate & Archival Research"

February 12:
Francine McKenzie, Tyler Turek, Jonathan Vance (History, Western)
- PDW: "Putting Pen to Paper: Writing Your Thesis"

February 26:
Ian Milligan (History, Waterloo)
- DSS: "Historians &Web Archives: How They Will Complement, Challenge, & “Computationalize” Our Profession"

March 5:
Jon Malek (History, Western)
- McC: "The Pearl of the Prairies: Filipinos in Manitoba, 1959-2013"

March 12:
Peter Kikkert, Eli Nathans (History, Western)
- PDW: "Educating Others: Preparing a Teaching Dossier"

March 19:
Michelle Hutchinson-Grondin (History, Western)
- McC: "Sexducators: Oral Histories with Those Who Taught Sex during the Sexual Revolution"

March 26:
Jim Daschuk (Kinesiology & Health Studies, Regina)
- DSS: "Clearing the Plains & Clearing the Air: How Researching Aboriginal Health Has Led to Some Uncomfortable Truths about Canada's Past & Present"