Biographical Dictionary of Canadian Engineers

Edited by
Rod Millard



LYNCH, Francis Joseph, b. 1837 London, England; d. 5 Jan. 1906, Ottawa. Apprenticed to Prichard Baly on the construction of railways and canals in Belgium and Russia, he acted as resident engineer on construction of the Poti-Tibilisi railway in Georgia (1860), returning to England in 1865 because of ill-health. Arriving in Canada in 1869, he was engineer in charge of surveys for the Intercolonial Railway, subsequently resident engineer on the construction of a section of that line in 1872.  In 1882, he joined the Canadian Pacific Railway, eventually taking charge of the construction office, Ottawa. From 1900 to 1906, he was resident engineer on the Grenville and Ottawa Canal, until he developed fatal pneumonia. Elected vice president (1891) of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers (renamed Engineering Institute of Canada,1918), he was also a member of the Institution of Civil Engineers of Great Britain.

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