Biographical Dictionary of Canadian Engineers

Edited by
Rod Millard


HARDMAN, John Ernest, b. 27 April 1856, Lowell, Mass;  d. 3 April 1925, Montreal.  He received his early education in Massachusetts public schools  and, in 1877, earned a B.Sc. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and, later, a B.Ap.Sc. and M.Sc. from McGill University (1898).  For fifteen years before attending McGill, he was a mining engineer in quartz mines in Nova Scotia.  He was a lecturer in mining and metallurgy at McGill (1895-1896), and, in 1896, established a consulting practice in Montreal. In May 1903, he was appointed to the Royal Commission on Treadgold concessions in the Yukon, but withdrew in July, 1903.   He promoted the Review Publishing Company, Montreal, wrote numerous technical papers and was a founder of the Canadian Mining Review. He was a member of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers (renamed Engineering Institute of Canada, 1918), serving as a councillor in 1905.     He was a founding member of the Canadian Mining Institute (1898), and a member of the American Institute of Mining Engineers. He belonged to the University Club and the Sherbrooke Club, Montreal, and, in 1885, married Elizabeth McCarthy.

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