Western is a research-intensive University and MENARG mission is to bring researchers and research discussions on related topics together. More specifically, it will facilitate existing and on-going research, and will play a role in initiating new research themes and projects and in seeking funding support for them. The following are planned:

Research Seminars and Conferences

Research seminars, workshops and colloquia play an important role in our active research culture. MENARG will organize disciplinary focused and inter-disciplinary research seminars, as well as inter-disciplinary conferences. A research seminar series specifically targeting recent debates, initiatives and ideas will aim to better inform national and worldwide public discourse about this volatile region. A Doctoral Dissertations Conference will be considered as well.

Lecture Series

MENARG lecture series invites leading experts in the field and academics from the University and other institutions to speak on their research interests. Public Events activities may include Middle Eastern Questions-Forum and Public Debate Series and will host speakers from the university community or from other institutions and organizations.

Short Term Appointments

MENARG will make a small number of research appointments each year. Such appointments are made in alignment with a primary faculty member. The appointee will contribute to teaching on the graduate level. Western’s visiting Scholars Program will support short or long terms visitors who will come for lectures and research seminars.


In addition to publishing basic research in the form of papers and books in the member’ discipline MENARG will take the initiative to create an On line Bulletin, tool for "real-time" distribution of analyses regarding current developments and events, both in related research areas as in current events in the Middle East and North Africa, including book reviews.