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 Allen Priest and Bryan McClure
Conference Co-Chairs
History Graduate Students Association
Department of History
The University of Western Ontario

Pathways to the Past

Western University - Graduate History Conference

April 26 and 27, 2019


Friday April 26

9-10: Registration and Coffee LH 2270

10-10:30: Welcome and opening address LH 1227

10:30-11:45: Keynote Address LH 1227 Professor Susan Nance (University of Guelph) On Inclusivity and the Radical Interdisciplinarity of Animal History at the Rodeo

11:45-1: Lunch LH 2270

1-2:30: Session 1

Panel 1a: Vulnerable Populations LH 2270C Moderated by Professor Ariel Beaujot

Steven Barrow (Queen’s University): ‘Ordinary citizens & Societal Misfits’: Toronto’s War on Squeegee Kids from the 1990s to the Early 2000s

Maggie Ross (Western University): A History of Prostitution in London, Ontario, 1880-1885

Aubrie Schettler (Western University): Vulnerability and Research Ethics

Panel 1b: International Relations LH 1218
Moderated by Professor James Flath

Chris White (Western University): The Kurile Islands Dispute in the American Lake: The American Involvement in Japan and Russia’s Territorial Dispute

Jessi Gilchrist (Western University): Imperial Tensions in the Mediterranean: Britain, Italy and the ‘Palestine Question’

Bryan McClure (Western University): Island of Ireland Peace Park: Negotiating Anglo-Irish Relations on the Battlefields of Flanders




2:30-2:45: Coffee Break 2270

2:45-4:30: Session 2

Panel 2a: Histories of Medicine LH 2270C
Moderated by Professor Luz María Hernández-Sáenz

Matthew Cleary (Western University): Disputes over Medical Authority in Elizabethan England

Steph Chevalier-Crockett (Concordia University): ‘The Most Damnable Fraud’: Popular Perceptions of the Insanity Plea in Antebellum America

Vesna Curlic (Western University): Illusions of Liberty: Domesticity, Space, and Freedom in the Lunatic Asylum, 1890-1914

Heather Ellis (Western University): Murder Comes to Westminster: The Killing of Albert Buttery and The Negotiations of Violence in Veteran’s Hospitals

Panel 2b: Totalitarian Europe LH 1218
Moderated by Professor Eli Nathans

Samantha Clarke (McMaster University): Polio and the Leipzig Trade Fair: GIS Modelling Epidemics in the East German ‘Totalitarian’ State

Sara Poulin (Western University): Duelling Memories: Concentration Camp Sites and the Legacy of the Cold War

Cristina Stoica (Western University): Sexual Violence and Nazism: An Examination of Sexual Assault of Jewish Women in Nazi Concentration Camps

Jordyn Bailey (Western University): “These Handsome Young Germans”: Masculinity and German POWs in Ontario during the Second World War

5-7: Cocktail Reception at The Wave




Saturday April 27

8:30-9: Registration and Coffee LH 2270

9-10:30: Session 3

Panel 3a: Propaganda, Media and Censorship LH 2270C
Moderated by Bryan McClure

Jonathan Bayer (Western University): Enquire for QED: Historical and Popular Memory of Counterfeiting during the American Revolution

Andrew Woods (Western University): The Big Leap: Conspiracy Theory as History John Comstock (Western University): British Postal Censorship on the Western Front in 1914

Panel 3b: Economics and Environments LH 1218 Moderated by Professor Jonathan Vance

Blake Butler (Western University): Bombs, Bounties and Belugas: Quebec’s War of Extermination Against Belugas in the St Lawrence, 1928-1939

Robert Armstrong (Western University): An Environmental History of Oil Development in Southwestern Ontario, 1858-1880

Patrick Holland-Stergar (Western University): From Grain Port to Ghost Town: A History of Depot Harbour

10:30-10:45: Coffee Break LH 2270





10:45-12:15: Session 4

Panel 4a: The Domestic Cold War LH 2270C
Moderated by Professor Laurel Shire

Kenneth Reilly (Western University): ‘A Fun Way to Teach Extinction’: Dinosaurs and the Cold War

Erin Brown (Western University): One Pill Makes You Faster, and One Pill Makes You Small: Amphetamines and Women in MidCentury America

Allen Priest (Western University): Atomic Fatherhood: Eisenhower, St Laurent and the Politics of the Bomb

Panel 4b: Identity in Canadian History LH 1218 Moderated by Professor Robert MacDougall

Sara Khorshid (Western University): Canada’s Multiculturalism: Indigenous Peoples, Exogenous Others, and Settler Colonialism, 1963-1971

Michael Feagan (Western University): White-Collar Working Class: The Ambiguous Identity of Canadian Telegraph Operators

Ilinca Olariu (Western University): Loyal Newcomers or Threats to National Security? Romanians in Canada during the First World War, 1914-1919

12:15-1: Lunch 2270

Launch of Hear Here, Goodwill Industries at 255 Horton Street West from 1-4.

1-2: Digital History Roundtable LH 2270C
Professor Rob MacDougall, Professor Laurel Shire, Professor Bill Turkel and PhD Candidate Carla Joubert

2-2:30: Closing Remarks LH 2270C