Erin Brown

Thesis Title

  • "Tranquilize Your Mind": Drug Use, Gender, and the Middle Class in America, 1955-1970


  • Prof. Laurel Shire

Second Reader

  • Prof. Robert MacDougall

Main Research Interests

  • My current project merges together the history of women, concepts of gender, and substance use with my longstanding interest in Sixties popular culture. Additionally, my research addresses Hollywood imagery, the pharmaceutical industry, and the Second Wave Women's Movement.


  • MA Thesis: A Show of One's Own: The History of Television and the Single Girl in America from 1960.

Conference Papers

  • "Television and the Single Girl: Exploring Their Relationship in American History" Presented at the Pierre Savard Conference, Ottawa, ON - 2015

  • "Single Women and Television in American History" Presented at the Three Minute Thesis Competition, Waterloo, ON - 2015

Archival Travel

  • Boston, MA, USA.