About the Group

The University of Western Ontario has a substantial number of faculty and research scholars, all or part of whose research touches upon this important region and beyond. Bringing them together will expand Western’s research and teaching on the historical and contemporary MENA, and move the spectrum beyond area-specific regional inquiry into the era of globalization.

MENARG functions as a coordinating body for academic departments, professional schools and institutes within the University, promoting scholarly research and writing on all aspects of this part of the world.

The existence of a MENARG represents an innovative approach to research on the region within the University and the Canadian academic structure.

MENARG embraces values of openness, tolerance, fairness, cooperation and balances traditional based knowledge in the humanities with inter-disciplinary methods in an effort to better inform national and worldwide public discourse about this volatile region.

Ordinarily, affiliates are expected to be involved in a clearly defined research project that draws upon international, Canadian and University resources. Research initiatives are centered on the global study of MENA countries and peoples, including immigrants to Canada from the region and their ongoing relations to the MENA countries.