PhD Candidate Nina Bozzo To Give Talk on Edwin Seaborn

Edwin Seaborn Talk

Nina Bozzo, PhD candidate in History Dept, who explores the history of Canadian Medical Units, will be talking tomorrow (Tuesday, November 1, 2016) on the efforts of Dr. Edwin Seaborn. Dr. Seaborn served as Lieutenant-Colonel of the No. 10 Stationary Hospital established by Western University in England, from 1916 to 1917, and in France, from 1917 until demobilization in 1919.

Read Nina's Western News article on Dr. Seaborn here.

Professor Jonathan Vance will also be there as a member of the London Public Library's Historic Sites Committee that initiates, conducts research and mounts these historic plaques around London.  The Seaborn plaque will be the second London Public Library plaque mounted on campus. It is quite an honour! 

Reserve your seat for the plaque unveiling and lecture here!