Laurel Shire Wins Rembert Patrick Award

Laurel Shire: Winner of the 2017 Rembert Patrick Award

Laurel Shire was awarded the 2017 Rembert Patrick Award by the Florida Historical Society for her book The Threshold of Manifest Destiny. This is the second award for this book. It was also the recipient of the Society for Historians of the Early American Republic's Mary Kelley Prize in 2016.

Amy Greenberg (Pennsylvania State University) wrote of this book:

This is clearly the best work to date on the manner in which domesticity justified Manifest Destiny. Shire offers a unique and compelling examination of the role of Southern women in territorial expansion, combined with a first-rate historical analysis of the Seminole and their relationship to native groups elsewhere in the Southwest, placing Florida itself in the larger context of expansion in the early American republic.