2008 News Archives

Marketing the History of Baseball, Fall 2008

Rogers Television recently interviewed Meaghan Nelligan and Lois Fenton about the baseball heritage tourism marketing package produced by the Public History students. This project is part of city of London's effort to promote tourism to Labatt Park, the oldest continuously used baseball park in North America according to the Guiness Book of World Records, and the Roy MacKay Clubhouse, a 1930s heritage building designated by the province.

"Western Helps Museum London Go Digital," Western News, by Adam Crymble (10 Apr 2008)

Adam, a public history MA student, describes the students' History 500/501 SMARTBoard project with Eldon House.

New Exhibit Mounted

Drop by the John A. Schweitzer Gallery in the Archives and Research Collections Centre at Weldon Library to see a new 4-case display curated by Adam Crymble and mounted by Public History graduate students. Entitled "Canada's Best Student Experience a Century Ago: Life in UWO's Medical School," the display examines student life based around the subthemes of "study," "play," "practice," and "redemption." Curator Crymble asks "thought-provoking questions of the viewer about what it was like to be a medical student at the turn of the century, and whether or not these students were really that much different from students today." This display utilizes images, documents, books and artifacts from the UWO History of Medicine archival collection, the UWO Medical Artifact Collection, and the UWO Hannah Collection on the History of Science and Museum. The exhibit will remain mounted until the end of April.