2019-20 International Relations Eligible Courses

The courses below are offered in the 2019-20 academic year.  For a complete list of eligible History courses, please visit the International Relations website

Eligible 3000 Level History Courses

3320E - Global America: The United States in World Affairs, 1700 to the Present

3404G - Montesquieu to Mill

3412F - Britain's Sailors, Soldiers, and Empire: 1689-1902

3513F - The Cuban Revolution: Origins and Legacy

3613F - The Koreas Since 1945

3722G - 'Killing Fields': Genocide in Modern History

3723G - The Anthropocene: History of a Human Planet

3823G - Global Twenty-First Century History

Eligible 4000 Level History Courses

4208G - Canada and the Age of Conflict, 1896-1945 Class

4603G - Silk Roads and Spice Routes: Ancient and Medieval Asia and World Contacts

4607F - History of Women and Gender Relations in Africa

4611G - Foreign Relations of the People's Republic of China

4708G - Histories of the Circumpolar Norths: 'The Last Imaginary Places'

4711F - The First World War: A Revolutionary Experience

4712G - The First World War: A Revolutionary Research Experience

4821F - Spy vs. Spy