Tentative Summer Courses 2021

2021 Intersession/Summer Evening/Summer Day/Distance Studies

This is a tentative list, subject to change.  The official list will be released by the Office of the Registrar on February 1, 2021

Please submit any questions or special permission requests to Rebecca Northcott, rnorthc2@uwo.ca 

History 1401E Modern Europe, 1715 to the Present: Conflict and Transformation
Course Description: Examines central events and themes of modern European history, including: origins and impact of the French and industrial revolutions; Napoleonic wars; liberalism and reaction; socialism; nationalism; women's emancipation movements; imperialism, national rivalries and world wars; the Russian Revolution, Communist rule, and the collapse of the Soviet Union; Nazism; European integration.

Distance Studies TBA Syllabus


History 2120A Northern Enterprise: Canadian Business and Labor History
Course Description: The development and effect of business in Canada from the late nineteenth century, with special emphasis on its social impact and the emergence of a Canadian labor movement. Antirequisite(s): History 2125F/G, the former History 2213F/G. 

Distance Studies P. Krats Syllabus


History 2124A Sounds, Sights & Bits: Explorations in 20th Century Canadian Popular Culture
Course Description: Canadian popular culture: poor-quality imitation of American, or crucial element of Canadian identity, worthy of "Canadian Content" regulations and financial support? This course traces the 20th century evolution of "Canadian popular culture," offering glimpses into music, film, television, sport and more. What was enjoyed, why, and was it "Canadian?"
Antirequisite(s): The former History 2124F/G.

Summer Evening P. Krats Syllabus


History 2192A Beer: The Business, Social and Cultural History of a Global Beverage
Course Description: Examines the business, social and cultural history of the brewing and consumption of beer, from its origins in antiquity, through its production and use in the Roman and Medieval periods, to its impact on Renaissance commerce, and the revolutions in technology, advertising, corporatization, globalization and localization during the modern age. 

Distance Studies M. Dove Syllabus


History 2301E The United States, Colonial Period to the Present
Course Description: Emphasis first term upon the emergence of the American nation, the egalitarian impulse, national expansion and sectional conflict; second term, upon the great transformations of the modern era: the growth of industrialism, big government, a pluralistic society, and international predominance.
Antirequisite(s): History 2302F/G, History 2710F/G.

Distance Studies TBA Syllabus