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Watson Brown Book Award Winner - Prof. Shauna Devine

Prof. Shauna Devine's book "Learning from the Wounded: The Civil War and the Rise of American Medical Science" has been awarded the presitgious Watson Brown Book Award. Prof. Devine will be awarded at the Southern Historical Association dinner, hosted by the Society for Civil War historians. On behalf of the entire History Department, we congratulate you!

Congratulations to Prof. William Turkel and Prof. Rob MacDougall!

Digital History at Western supported by two new SSHRC Insight Grants" Prof. Rob MacDougall, along with co-investigator Prof. William Turkel, received a four-year SSHRC Insight Grant, for my project, "The Golden Age of Cranks: Communication Networks and Heterodox Ideas in 19th-century North America." Furthermore, Turkel also received funding for "A Longitudinal Analysis of the Canadian World Wide Web as a Historical Resource, 1996-2014" with Ian Milligan (principal investigator, Waterloo) and Nick Ruest (York). This project will help to train students in using computational techniques that scale to 21st century data sets.

New Acquisition for the Medical Artifact Collection

Thirty-one new medical artifacts, belonging to husband-and-wife London physicians Dr Elizabeth Smith (b.1937) and Dr David Smith (1934-2013), have recently been donated to the Medical Artifact Collection at Western. Some of these objects were used in their practice,  but many -- such as the 'Apparatus to prevent projecting ears' -- were not! Come see  a few of the 'quack' medicine equipment collected (as a hobby) by Dr David Smith in the small case display, 2nd floor Lawson Hall.

Call The Doctor Display

The Medical History diplay was updated by the public history M.A. students on March 30, 2015. We encourage everyone to take a look at the new display entitled "Somebody Call The Doctor: . . . [Read More]

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