Dyczok Speaks on Media & Memory

Speakers at Symposium

On April 19, 2012, Professor Marta Dyczok organized and spoke at a Mini-Symposium at the University of Toronto Munk School of Global Affairs on her research on Media and Memory. The symposium named "Collective Memory & Competing Media Representations: WWII and Displaced Ukrainians" was sponsored by The Petro Jacyk Program for the Study of Ukraine & The Centre for European, Russian, & Eurasian Studies.

The symposium presented new perspectives by bringing together an international, inter-disciplinary panel. The focus was on World War II and Ukraine. However, rather than trying to determine who were the ‘heroes’ and who were the ‘villains,’ the speakers explored the international context of the history and memory of millions of ordinary Ukrainians uprooted during the course of the war. They discussed how experiences were politicized during the Cold War, how debates are changing after the collapse of communism, and the importance of mass media in this process.  <<More>>