Congratulations Professor Rob MacDougall

The History Department would like to congratulate Professor Rob MacDougall on his new book publication. His new book "The People's Network" is about the birth of the telephone industry in the United States and Canada, and the fierce battles between politicians, corporate interests, and ordinary people to control the telephone--the cutting edge, disruptive new technology of its day. 

You’re not going to see THE PEOPLE'S NETWORK on Oprah or in airport bookstores, but it really is a good story, told as well as I could tell it. If you care about the politics of communication, if you’re curious about parallels between the past and the information revolution of today, if you were excited once about the democratizing power of the internet but now feel that optimism slipping away, then I wrote this book for you.

You can order THE PEOPLE'S NETWORK, or just find out more about it, at my website:

I’m redecorating my site right now, so some pages may be sparse or wonky. But the book page is there and those sneaky Amazon affiliate links are in perfect working order. If you have ever read a more entertaining book about municipal telephone pole bylaws in the 1880s, I will give you your money back