All That Glitters is Not Gold?

Professor Michael Dove has completed a review for the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) of a design proposed for a new coin depicting famous explorer Henry Hudson.  The Henry Hudson $200 gold coin is part of the RCM's Great Canadian Explorers Series and is scheduled to appear in 2015! 

Says Dove: "This gold coin is being created to commemorate Henry Hudson's famed yet tragic final voyage aboard the Discovery in 1610/11 in which he became the first known navigator to sail through the strait and into the bay that now bears his name.  Upon clearing the end of what is now Hudson Strait and spying the glittering expanse of sea that lay ahead, Hudson and his crew believed they had finally reached the Pacific and beyond that, the riches of the Orient.  That feeling, of course, was fleeting, as he and his men found their southern route blocked at the bottom of James Bay, where they were forced to spend a horrific winter.  Most, of course, will be familiar with the final scene when Hudson and several of his crew were set adrift and abandoned by a mutinous crew in June of the following year.  Though the historic voyage ended dreadfully, it did leave a lasting legacy.  Hudson's failed search for a northwest passage inspired numerous northern voyages over the subsequent centuries, leading to the further geographical delineation of Canada's northern region and inviting trade and commercial development, as well as European settlement, in what are now the country's western provinces and territories."