First Jewish Studies Research Noon Hour Talk

Dear all,

It gives me great pleasure to announce our first Jewish Studies research noon hour talk for this academic year.

On Wednesday, October 7th, Prof. Sonia Halpern will be presenting a talk entitled, The Art of Power: The Degenerate Art Exhibition of 1937.

In 1937, Hitler organized a shocking art exhibition that was specifically designed to undermine Jews and other “undesirable” groups, and thus inherently elevate the status of “pure” Germans. With one of the exhibition’s rooms reserved for art by Jews, and the rest of the show degraded for its “Jewish influences,” The Degenerate Art Exhibition, a travelling show in Germany and Austria, was seen by millions of people, and was a crucial propaganda tool that marked the beginning of the intimate connection between art and the political supremacy of the Nazi Party. By focusing on the Degenerate Art Exhibition, Sonia will discuss why the Nazis detested some types of art and revered others, revealing a specific artistic aesthetic that reflected their political agenda.

The talk will take place in Lawson Hall 1227 and will begin at 12pm. All are welcome to join us.

And please also make note of our following talk:

On Wednesday, November 18, Prof. Monda Halpern will be speaking about: “Are you people Jewish?”: The Mistaken Identity of Mary Rosenblatt in the 1952 Harry Lee Murder Case

Hope to see you all there!
Prof. Sarah Wobick-Segev