Congratulations, History Graduate Winners!

Congratulations to all those who won an award or scholarship!

Eleta Britton Graduate Scholarship in History
Robyn Schwarz

Ivie Cornish Memorial Fellowship
Daniel Manulak
Maksym Sviezhentsev

Jean Armstrong Fletcher Award
Mary Beth Start

Professor Kenneth Hilborn Graduate Internship in Public History
Kelsey Priestman

Professor Kenneth Hilborn Graduate Student Award for Research & Conference Travel 
Nina Bozzo
Samantha Desroches
Carla Joubert 
Kyle Lariviere
Maksym Sviezhentsev

Lynne-Lionel Scott Fellowship
Allen Priest

United Empire Scholarship for Local History
Kyle Lariviere

William Edgar Travel Fund
Shane Roberts

Harris Steel PhD Support
Elliot Worsfold

Ley & Lois Smith Military History Fund
Jessica Del Duca

All your hard work paid off!

Details on the terms & criteria for all the awards are here: