Affiliated Faculty

Name Teaching Fields Research Interests
Bangarth, Stephanie Can-Am comparative, social movements & human rights, socio-political history, Canadian Black history. King's University College Canada, human rights, social movements, immigration and refugee policy, East Asian diaspora in North America.
Amy Bell British History - 20 th-Century History of Britain in World War II.
Blocker, Jack S.,Jr. U.S., quantitative methods; Huron College Afro-American Migrations, The History of Alcohol and Temperance, and Historical Methods.
Brouwer, R.C. Canadian women; King's College History of women and the history of overseas missions since the late 19th century.
Dutrizac, C.D. U.S.,Canada; King's College Early American History and the History of North American Warfare.
Fang, Jun China; Huron College  
Jarvis, Eric J. Canada, warfare; King's College  
Killan, Gerald Canada; King's College Ontario; Heritage; Archaeology; Parks
Kostal, R.W. 19 th-century legal; Law Modern Anglo-American legal history and torts.
Leighton, Douglas Canada, Amerindian ethno history; Huron Coll. The Canadian Indian Department, and the Regional History of Southwestern Ontario.
Meek, Alison Modern America, media studies, popular culture, and terrorism; King's College Modern America, media studies, popular culture, and terrorism;
Morrison, Sara Environmental History; Huron College  
Owens, Gary Tudor-Stuart England; Huron College  
Parr, Joy:
Canada Research Chair
Canada, economy, gender; Info and Media Studies Technology, Culture and Risk
Plotkin, Howard N. Astronomy; History of Medicine and Science  
Potter, P. M. J. medicine; History of Medicine and Science  
Read, Colin Canada; Huron College Loyalism in Norfolk County.
Skidmore, Patricia Modern Europe, Canada, women; Brescia College Oral history, modern British History, European History, Women's History, and Canadian History.
Soulodre-La France, Renee Latin America; King's College Latin American History: Nueva Granada (Colombia), Africans in the Diaspora, Social and Cultural History
Ventresca, Robert Italy, 20 th-century; King's College Church-state relations in 20th century Europe, the Catholic Church in the Cold War, the history of fascism, migration in world history.
Warecki, George North America; Environmental History; Brescia College North American Environmental History
Webb, Paul L.C. modern Britain, royal Navy; King's College Modern European History, particularly British Naval History.