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Eona Karakacili

- Assistant Professor

PhD, University of Toronto, 2001
Telephone: 519-661-2111 ext. 84968
Email: eona@uwo.ca
Office: Lawson Hall 2264
Office Hours: On leave

Research Interests

Eona Karakacili is an economic historian whose research centers upon the influences of agricultural productivity and income distribution to growth, as well as issues in global divergence of wealth, with a focus in the latter on development within the agricultural sector.

Current Research Project

I am completing a book manuscript, which is entitled The Origins Of Growth: English Arable Fourteenth Century Labour Productivity Rates, A Case Study. It supplies the first direct measurement of such rates for pre-industrialized countries and does so for a nation that is a focal point in the literature: England. It finds that the output of pre-medieval English arable workers, allegedly at their nadir in the first half of the fourteenth century, equal the literature’s best estimates for their early nineteenth century counterparts. It thereby negates the current notion of an agricultural revolution in such rates serving as a necessary precursor to eighteenth century industrialisation. These research findings challenge current mainstream pre-industrial growth models and provide new perspectives on medieval growth, living standards and serfdom.

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