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Barbara Murison

- Assistant Professor

Ph.D, University of Western Ontario, 1981
Telephone: 519-661-2111 ext. 84985
Email: bmurison@uwo.ca
Office: Lawson Hall 1220
Office Hours:  Tuesdays 9-11:00am or by appointment.

Research Interests

Professor Murison’s research interests include English and Scottish history in the early modern period, the history of the first British Empire and the Scottish diaspora in all its aspects.

Teaching Philosophy

"My teaching is informed by the idea that if I am enthusiastic about my teaching, my students will be excited about learning. This seems to work in the main! I thoroughly enjoy communicating my ideas about a subject to my students and stimulating them to come up with ideas of their own."

Major Research Projects

My current research interests focus on Scottish history and on the history of the Scottish diaspora. I am working on two main projects.

One concerns the legal ramifications of the Treaty of Union between England and Scotland in 1707. The recent formation of a British Supreme Court as a final court of appeal renders this an interesting time to ponder the practices and ideas of earlier periods.

The second project involves consideration of the ways in which anti-Enlightenment notions were nourished and spread in 18th century Scotland and beyond.

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