Jewish Studies

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Program Overview

Jewish Studies is excited to welcome all students at Western and our Affiliated Colleges! This program offers our diverse student body an opportunity to pursue a Major or a Minor in Jewish Studies, providing a rigorous academic setting to learn more about the diverse history and culture of the Jewish People, past and present. Our wide-ranging program explores the many disciplines related to Jewish studies on Main Campus, at King’s, and at Huron, including Art, Biblical Studies, Hebrew Language, History, Literature, Media Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Rabbinics, and Religious Studies. The inter-disciplinary nature of Jewish Studies allows students to sample multiple forms of knowledge and to understand Jewish politics, culture, and society from a variety of perspectives. By combining breadth and depth, the Jewish Studies Program contributes to a well-rounded Liberal Arts education to any and all interested undergraduates.

The culture and history of the Jewish people extends across more than three millennia, from Biblical times to the present, and spans across most of the world, from the Middle East to Latin America and from Eastern Europe to North America. The study of the Jewish experience highlights the complexities of cultural exchange and interactions in changing temporal and geographic circumstances. Students learn not only about the unique trajectory of Jewish life, but also gain a more nuanced picture of non-Jewish societies. As the study of a diaspora people, the Jewish story is one that can be contrasted and compared to that of other minority groups, offering unique insights into and perspectives on religion, sociology, politics and culture.

Students of Jewish Studies gain vital skills, including proficiency in writing and verbal expression; critical thinking; aptitude in a foreign language (Hebrew); sensitivities to cultural difference; textual analysis and many more!

Majors continue to pursue careers in education, law, medicine, journalism, NGOs, social work, governmental positions, business, theological studies, and communal service.