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History is the study of all past human activity – social, cultural, economic, political, intellectual, military, legal and anything else you can think of. The range of historical study is limited only by the range of documents and artifacts which have survived to tell us their story.

Historians work with these sources to try to understand the past on its own terms, to learn more about the assumptions, ideas, ambitions, hopes and fears of people living in medieval England or nineteenth-century Canada, Ming China or colonial America. In a History module you will have the opportunity to explore all these societies, and many more. As you develop your own interests you will also be able to focus on a particular period or place, or to focus on themes such as the environment, medicine, technology, and gender.

We are all products of history, both individually and as members of our nations, cultures, or religions. Learn more about the people, ideas, and events in the past which have shaped our present, and which will continue to shape our future.