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Public History


GSA/GTA Assignment


Kathrine-Mackenzie Bodnar Museum of Ontario Archeology - Collections
Jessica Hugh Museum of Ontario Archeology - Programming & London Heritage Council
Nigel Klemencic-Puglisevich HIS 2607F - History and Civilization of Medieval Islam & Bath Springs Nevis Oral History
Hannah Mantel Fanshawe Pioneer Village & Royal Canadian Regiment Museum
Zahra McDoom Museum London
Sarah Pointer Eldon House

History (Year One)


Research Interests


Wesley Bengtson 20th century Canadian and European History, First & Second World Wars, Military History, Media History, Propaganda Studies 
Meaghan Buchanan Military History, First & Second World War, Commemoration of military dead 
Marsha Bultena French education system during WWII, particularly in changes implemented during the Vichy administration; First and Second World War military history, and Early Modern Europe, and also history in education and education in history 
Jack Charlton Environmental History, Ancient History, Social Memory, 20th-Century American History 
Andrew Farandatos Canadian Immigration History, Métis Political History, and Greek Diplomatic History 
Morgan Fyn-Riley International Relations, Histories of Colonialism, Legal and Political, Religious and Ecclesiastical History 
Brian Gibb Early Modern Europe with a focus on Britain and the Atlantic World; History of the Common Law in England; Humanism, Print Culture; Politics of England and Britain; History of Medicine and Epidemics 
Daniel Goodeve Local History, Urban Geography 
Kristen Jeanveau Public Transport History, First & Second World Wars: Social History, Commemoration, Civilian Experiences, and Gendered Experiences 
Alyssa Kaminski Global History, Genocide Studies and Theory, (Neo)Colonialism, Indigenous History 
Callan Klooster Early 20th-Century Canadian History, First World War Social Remembrance 
Benjamin Koch Social, Cultural, Political, International Relations, and Settler-Colonial histories 
Natan Penner Andrade Military History, Canadian History, Social Memory 
Adrian Poppleton Modern Chinese History 
Katelyn Saathoff American History, Canadian History, Indigenous History, and the History of Crime and Criminal Justice 
Troy Sidarous War and Conflict, International Relations, American History, the Soviet Union 
Dylan Staecker International Relations, Southern Africa during the Cold War 
Mary Summerby Indigenous History, Asian and European History 
Justin Szechy Military history, particularly that of the United States and Britain from the French Revolutionary Wars to the present 
Jacob Vanderhoeven Anglo-Indigenous relations during the 18th century, specifically during the Seven Years’ War and American War of Independence 
Kunji Wang International Relations, Chinese History, the Cold War 
Thomas Zurowski International Relations 

History (Thesis)





Mary Baxter Aggregate Mining in Lake Erie A. MacEachern
LWH 2210

Michael Brown Understanding the Social, Economic and Cultural Impact of the Child Emigration Movement in Canada from 1869-1932 R. Wardhaugh & K. Fleming

Dryden Choban Red Canucks and the Warsaw Pact: Reactions of Canadian Communists to the Hungarian Revolution and Prague Spring R. Wardhaugh & K. Fleming 

Kathryn Cormier Social History of Venereal Disease and Women in Toronto M. Halpern
LWH 2214
Thomas Dumoulin London Residents' Responses to Nazi Antisemitism R. Wardhaugh & K. Fleming
LWH 2215
Meredyth Dwyer Courtside: Women's College Basketball's First Wave of Scholarship Athletes and their Experiences at American Universities, 1975-1990 L. Shire
LWH 2214
Rachael Edwards The Public Violence of the "Invisible Empire": The Ku Klux Klan in Ontario, 1922-1938 L. Shire 
Elias Goodwin Changing Representations of Indigenous Peoples in North American Film. M. Hamilton
LWH 2215
Andrew Hawkes Making Men: Masculinity and Recruitment in London, Ontario and Calgary, Alberta in the First World War R. Wardhaugh & K. Fleming
LWH 2215
Hannah Mazzuca Soccer Fascism: The Use of Sport as an Extension of Foreign Policy by Benito Mussolini R. Ventresca
LWH 1210
Michael Osei Women and Medicine in the Gold Coast and Ghana, 1880-1963 K. McKenna
LWH 1210
Samuel Pitre The Lasting Impact of the White Movement on Russia and the Western World M. Dyczok 
Kaden Prowse Intersection of Loyalties: London, Ontario within the Framework of the South African War R. Wardhaugh & K. Fleming

Georgina Warner Canada's Home Children: History and Social Memory M. Halpern
LWH 2214