MA Students

Public History


GSA/GTA Assignment


Kevin Den Dunnen Museum London 
Nicholas Hamilton Banting House National Historic Site/History 2814G: The History of Aviation 
Tara Jacklin Museum London/History 2814G: The History of Aviation 
Kealey Kennedy Eldon House 
Kirsten Koop Banting House National Historic Site/History 2171B: Greed is Good: The History of Modern Capitalism 
Lauren Millett The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum 
Paige Murray History 1810E: Wars that Changed the World 
Shannon Putnam Nevis Oral History Project/History 1403G: Twentieth Century Europe  
Danielle Walls Eldon House 
Madison Williams Museum of Ontario Archaeology - Programs 
Lily Zitko London Heritage Council/History 2188B: Pirates and Piracy on the World's Seas and in the Public Imagination 

History (Year One)


Research Interests


Ambjörn Adomeit History of modern warfare; Naval History; Canadian military history; Canadian Naval Service/Royal Canadian Navy (esp. Canadian submarine service 1914 to the Present); Arctic Security; and Military Alliances. Historiography and research methods. 
Emily Amarelo

Military History, Women’s Experience in the World Wars 
Charles Christensen
European history, military history, history of technology, political history. 
Kristen Jeanveau

Public Transport History, Social Memory & Commemoration of Canada in the First World War 
Zaynab Jivraj

Immigration History; Post-World War II Democratization of Colonial and Postcolonial Nation States 
Alyssa Kaminski Global History, Genocide Studies and Theory, (Neo)Colonialism, Indigenous History 
Benjamin Koch Social, Cultural, Political, International Relations, and Settler-Colonial histories 
Leah Kottwitz Japanese History 
Colter Rosborough United States, Nazi Germany 
Samuel Stewart

U.S. History, First and Second World Wars 

History (Thesis)


Thesis/Research Interest



Michael Brown Understanding the Social, Economic and Cultural Impact of the Child Emigration Movement in Canada from 1869-1932 R. Wardhaugh & K. Fleming

James Caldwell "Something in the water": Aquatic Pharmaceutical Pollution in the United States W. Turkel 

Dryden Choban Red Canucks and the Warsaw Pact: Reactions of Canadian Communists to the Hungarian Revolution and Prague Spring R. Wardhaugh & K. Fleming 

Thomas Dumoulin London Residents' Responses to Nazi Antisemitism R. Wardhaugh & K. Fleming
Morgan Fyn-Riley International Relations, Histories of Colonialism, Legal and Political, Religious and Ecclesiastical History N. Rhoden 
Brian Gibb Early Modern Europe with a focus on Britain and the Atlantic World; History of the Common Law in England; Humanism, Print Culture; Politics of England and Britain; History of Medicine and Epidemics F. Schumacher 
Elias Goodwin Changing Representations of Indigenous Peoples in North American Film. M. Hamilton
Becky Van Harn Antiquarianism and the Elizabethan Settlement: Matthew Parker and the Church of England M. McGlynn 
Kunji Wang History of International Relations, and Modern Chinese History J. Flath