Charan Mandur

- Lecturer

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Office: Lawson Hall 2220

Research Interests

My primary interests are in environmental history and the history of science and technology. I enjoy learning and writing about the periods of time when new technology and science are in their infancy; when understanding is in its early and stages and people experiment with the extent of new discoveries, theories, inventions, and innovations.

Current Project

My current project is on NASA’s analog missions where researchers attempt to simulate off-world environments. They use terrestrial environments as analogs to extraterrestrial ones, in order to test experiments, understand other planets and life, and prepare for space exploration.


  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship 2024/2025
  • Jean Armstrong Fletcher Award 2024
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship 2023/2024
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship 2022/2023
  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship 2021/2022
  • Hugh MacKinnon Graduate Scholarship 2020