Required Courses

This Hour of Trial and Sorrow
An example of a History 9801 group project.


9800A-001 - Public History: Theory, History and Practice

This core course introduces the field, its history, and the theoretical and practical concerns underlying it. Required for Public History students; not open to other graduate students.

9801B-001 - Public History Group Project

This course continues the process of teaching Public History students the actual methods and skills of public history today. The course culminates in a multi-stage Public History group project in collaboration with a community institution. Required for Public History students; not open to other graduate students.

9802-001 - Public History Internship

This is a full-credit course in which students will be graded on a Pass/Fail basis. Each student must complete a 12 week full-time internship in the summer term. Host institutions can include museums, archives, TV, film or documentary companies, historical and genealogical societies, heritage, museum and research consulting firms, or government departments such as Parks Canada or Library and Archives Canada.

9808A-001 - Digital History

Digital history is the use of computers, digital media, and other tools for historical practice, presentation, analysis, and research. This course emphasizes both the presentation of history on the web, and the use of computational techniques to work with digital resources. Required for Public History students; open to other graduate students with the instructor's permission. Digital history students may also be interested in the companion studio course, History 9832B: Interactive Exhibits, Disability and Design Justice offered in the Winter Term.