Research Assistantships

“The Public History program is a valuable resource for engaged students with
strong skills and fresh ideas to help us support our mandate.”

- Heather Hatch, Collections Coordinator
Museum of Ontario Archaeology

Public History students may be employed as Teaching Assistants, or as Research Assistants for Public History faculty or at community institutions in London. 

Since 2010, Public History students have worked in various capacities at London Life Archives, London Heritage Council, the J.P. Metras Sports Museum, Banting House National Historic Site, Eldon House, Museum London, the Promised Land Project at Huron University College, Fanshawe Pioneer Village, the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame, the Network in Canadian History and the Environment, the Medical Artifact Collection at Western, the Wartime Canada Project, the Franz Boas Papers Documentary Editing Project, and the Museum of Ontario Archaeology.  

The terms of a Public History RA placement are the same as a TA position, that is students will work 10 hours/week between September-April.

The number of RA placements and locations change each year and depend on program needs, and student and community interest.

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