Put your degree to work with a Master’s in Public History field

Graduate students in public history working with Western University's Medical Artifact Collection

Public History is history as it is experienced by, interpreted for, and communicated to, the public

The MA Public History field at Western is Canada’s longest-running field of its kind. Established in 1986, it provides graduate students with the knowledge, skills, training and practical experience to interpret history for the public.

Collaborative, experiential, community-based course work and funded internship opportunities

The field consists of coursework ranging from collaborative projects with community partners to archives, digital history, museology and interactive exhibit design, followed by a summer internship with local, provincial, national or international heritage and cultural institutions.

Support your studies with competitive funding in a friendly environment

All Canadian students, and most International students, receive a funding package that more than covers the cost of tuition. In 2022-23, the domestic MA funding package is $19,805/year. When students receive a provincial or federal government-funded scholarship such as OGS or SSHRC, the university component of their funding will be modified to supplement the support provided by the external award.

The department also provides great opportunities for research and conference travel awards.

Be Job Ready

A chief aim of our field is to produce graduates who are career-ready. Become job ready by developing skills such as project management, collaboration, budgeting, public speaking and networking. Alumni and faculty professional networks increase success in finding internships and jobs after graduation.

Hear it first hand

Lis, Katie, Patrick and Robin are four alumni from the MA in Public History field. But beyond that, they are also hosts of the Digital Dust Podcast. Digital Dust is a history podcast about the stuff you learned in school with a perspective you might not have considered. Through the podcast, the group puts the lessons they learned in the Public History field to work.

Check out all their episodes here: https://thedigitaldustpodc.wixsite.com/digitaldustpod/podcast

The group also recorded an episode all about their experiences in the Public History field.

Patrick Kingham, Alumni of the MA field in Public History at Western"History is all around us—infused in everyday conversations and political debates. This program gave me the skills and opportunities to insert myself into those conversations and debates, allowing me to make some meaningful change. Simply put, the program offers a way to make history matter for the masses, and it offers a path to wield the past to make meaningful change in the present."

- Patrick Kinghan, MA Public History

Elisabeth Edwards, Alumna for Gradaute Public History field at Western University"I completed (or will complete) the MA in September, 2021, and I am so happy I chose Western’s Masters in Public History program! The program equipped me with a unique skillset that allowed me to pursue my dream career. I was able to meet so many like-minded people, and the faculty helped me to connect with the local London community through volunteer projects, research assistantships, and internship opportunities. I especially enjoyed the focus on digital public history and hands-on personal experience that Western’s program offers!"

- Elisabeth Edwards, MA Public History

Katie Gaskin, Alumna of Western University's MA in Public History"I loved the hands-on nature of the MA Public History program. In the program, we had the opportunity to create exhibits and oral histories, record podcasts, and so much more. It was such a refreshing change from the academic history of my undergrad and helped me start my own podcast!"

- Katie Gaskin, MA Public History

Robin Marshall, alumna of the Masters in Public History at Western University"Completing the MA Public History program at Western has been an unforgettable experience working with like-minded people, exploring my interests, and much more! I’ve made valuable connections and lifelong friends with whom I created The Digital Dust Podcast, where we continue to share our love of history. I’ve also applied the skills I’ve gained to my internship with the Engineering Institute of Canada, interviewing prominent Canadian engineers and gratefully taking part in preserving their history." 

Robin Marshall, MA Public History



Take the first steps towards an MA in Public History at Western

Contact the Graduate Program Coordinator Kara Brown, Director Professor Mike Dove, or Professor Michelle Hamilton to find out more about the field.


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