2018-2019 Professional Development Workshop

Your formal training as a historian takes place in classes and seminars, writing a cognate paper, taking comprehensive exams, and producing a doctoral dissertation.  There are other facets to an academic career, including public speaking, networking, effective writing, publishing, applying for grants, and teaching.  These are not always addressed directly or explicitly in your formal studies.  The purpose of the PDW is to help prepare you for the 'other' many and varied parts of an academic career (as well as careers outside academe). 

The PDS will take up questions of immediate relevance to you, including applying for grants.  The sessions will be led by students and faculty, followed by discussion.

All workshops will be held on Thursdays at 12:30 p.m.  in Lawson 2270C (unless noted)

September 6 - Department of History Seminar Series Organizers - "The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Attend Thursdays at 12:30"

September 13 - Bryan McClure, Maggie Ross, and Vesna Curlic - "Grad Student Life Hacks: Surviving and Thriving in Graduate School"

September 27 - Robert MacDougall and Nancy Rhoden - "Grant-Writing for SSHRC, OGS, and Beyond: Bring Your Draft!"

November 1 - Allen Priest (PhD Candidate) and Alicia Boyer (MA Candidate) with Jonathan Vance - "Encouraging Meaningful Discussion and Handling Divergent Opinions in Class"

November 29 - Shelley McKellar and Eli Nathans with Carla Joubert (PhD Candidate) - "Giving Meaningful Feedback on Essays"

December 6 - Laurel Shire and Maggie Ross (MA Candidate) - "Reflection and Goal-Setting: How Can You Make Next Semester Better?"

January 10 - Laurel Shire and Maggie Ross (MA Candidate) - "Planning for Success: Mental Health and Wellness"

January 24 - Francine McKenzie and Sara Poulin (PhD Candidate) - "Professional Decorum in Academic Life"

February 14 - Monda Halpern and Laurel Shire - "How to Give a Great Lecture: Public Speaking for Historians"

March 7thNancy Rhoden - "How to Prepare for the MA Colloquium"

March 28 - Alumni of the PhD and MA Programs in History, American Studies, and Public History - "Inspiring Alumni: Where Are They Now? How Can You Get There?"

April 4 - Maggie Ross (MA Candidate and Wellness Ambassador) - "Readying to Write: Mental Health and Wellness through the Sumer"