Research Seminar Series

2018-2019 Research Seminar Series

September 20:
Robert Wardhaugh, (Department of History, Western University) - "The Rowell-Sirois Commission and the Remaking of Canadian Federalism"

October 25:
Dr. Emily Dufton - "The Pot-Law Pendulem: America's Past Problems with Cannabis Legalization and Adive for Canada's Future"

November 8:
Eli Nathans, (Department of History, Western University) - "Donald Trump’s Election Victory in 2016: An Analysis of Social and Economic Factors"

November 15:
Olexiy Haran, (National University of the Kyiv Mohyla Academy) - "Ukraine and War"

January 17:
Graham Broad, (Department of History, King's University College) - "Eddie and I:  Theory, Method and Microhistory in the Biography of A.E. McKay, Western's First World War Flying Ace"

February 7:
James Flath, (Department of History, Western University) - "China's Industrial Heritage"