Andrew Rice

Research Interests:

  • My main area of study focuses on issues pertaining to security and espionage at the Olympics within the context of the Cold War, including the history of counterintelligence at the various editions of the Games hosted by Canada and the US during the Cold War and how each host nation and city prepared for potential security risks and threats from the Soviet Union. 

    Broadly, my research topics and interests include Political History; Cold War History; Sport History; History of the Olympic Games; International Relations; Canadian–American Relations



  •  Rice, Andrew. Canada and the 1980 Moscow Olympics Boycott. Olympika: The International Journal of Olympic Studies 31 (2022): 30–42.

  • Rice, Andrew. The American and Canadian Decisions to Boycott the 1980 Moscow Olympics: A Comparative Analysis. Journal of Olympic Studies 6.2 (2025) (forthcoming).

Archival Research:

  • The International Centre for Olympic Studies Archive, London, Ontario