Anna Lalli


Research Interests:

  • My research has primarily focused on war and society in a Canadian context. My main research interests are military law and the complexities of wartime experience during the First and Second World Wars. I am specifically interested in exploring soldier attempted suicide and intentional self-injury. My dissertation topic focuses on soldiers who sought self-violence as a response to the many stresses associated with mobilization and soldiering, including aspects exacerbated during their service such as personal struggles, family challenges, financial difficulties, and grief.


Conference Presentations 

  •  “‘A New Determination’: Responses of African American Troops to German Propaganda in World War One.” Paper presented at the Communities in History: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally Conference at the University of Western Ontario, March 2024.

Archival Research (In-person and Digital)

  • Special Collections and Archives, Dana Porter Library, Waterloo, Ontario
  • Library and Archives Canada, Héritage - Canadiana Database