M. Blake Butler

Thesis Title

  • Winter in Canada: Six Faces of the Season from the 1890s to the 1950s


Second Reader

Main Research Interests

  • Canadian History; Environmental History; Historical Human-Cetacean Relationships


Conference Papers

  • March 2020 “When Nature Fails to Co-operate: Snowmaking and Human Understandings of Winter,” Conference of the American Society of Environmental History, Ottawa (forthcoming)
  • April 2019, "Bombs, Bounties, and Belugas: Quebec's War of Extermination Against Belugas in the St. Lawrence, 1928-1938," Pathways to the Past, Western University.

  • January 2017, "A Whale of a Tale: Narwhals and the Vancouver Aquarium, 1968-1971," Qualicum Conference, Parksville, British Columbia
    - January 2016, "The Blue, Yellow, Red... and Green: Student Environmental Activism at Queen's University during the 1960s and 1970s," Qualicum Conference, Parksville, British Columbia.