Michael O'Hagan

Thesis Title

  • "In the Midst of the Canadian Bush": Prisoner of War Labour Projects in Canada during the Second World War


  • Prof. Alan MacEachern

Second Reader

  • Prof. Jonathan Vance

Main Research Interests

  • My primary interest is the internment of prisoners of war in Canada. My thesis explores German prisoner of war labour projects in Canada during the Second World War and the interactions of these POWs with Canadians and the natural environment. I am also interested in digital history and incorporate some digital elements into my research, including GIS and 3D modelling.



  • American Society for Environmental History 2013 (Toronto), 2015 (Washington, DC), 2016 (Seattle), 2017 (Chicago)

    The Great War's Shadow: New Perspectives on the First World War, Lake Louise, Alberta, 2014

Archival Travel

  • Library and Archives Canada, Directorate of History and Heritage Archives, Canadian War Museum, Ontario Archives, Manitoba Archives, Provincial Archives of Alberta, Royal Alberta Museum, Galt Museum, Esplanade Archives, and the Glenbow Museum.

Personal Website