Nolan Brown

Thesis Title

  • Saskatchewan Political Conservatism, 1905-1982


  • Prof. Robert Wardhaugh

Second Reader

  • Prof. Keith Fleming

Main Research Interests

  • My research focuses on the ideology and development of conservative movements in Saskatchewan prior to 1944.  Most interpretations of this period in Saskatchewan's political history focus on either the remarkable rise of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation or the equally disastrous collapse of the Liberal party.  My research complicates this narrative by examining conservative movements that were not successful in elections, but still deeply influenced the province's political trajectory.  I have a particular interest in how conservative Christianity and people's understanding of their own class position combined to challenge many of the fundamental assumptions offered by the Social Gospel and the CCF.   


  • “‘Evangelization, Not Legislation’: The Briercrest Bible College and the Roots of Saskatchewan Conservatism.” Manitoba History 84 (Summer 2017): 2-12.
  • Review of Curtis R. McManus, Happlyland: A History of the “Dirty Thirties” in Saskatchewan. Great Plains Quarterly 34:3 (Summer 2014), 282.

Conference Papers

  • “Briercrest Bible Institute, Religious Fundamentalism, and the Roots of Saskatchewan Conservatism.” Western Canadian Studies Conference, Winnipeg, Manitoba.  November, 2015.

  • “Saskatchewan’s Alternative Agrarianism: Opposition to the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, 1924-1970. Annual meeting of the Canadian Historical Association, St. Catharines, Ontario.  May, 2014.

Archival Travel

  • Library and Archives of Canada, Ottawa, ON

Personal Website

  • N/A