Sara Khorshid

Thesis Title

  • Representations of the West in Egyptian Popular Culture: How Egyptians Imagined Themselves and the Foreign Other on Film During the Nasser Era


Second Reader

Main Research Interests

  • Decolonization and post-colonialism in the 20th century; Egyptian and Middle Eastern history; cinema/popular culture and history; gender and women's history; Cold War history; 20th-century US history; transnational history; Arab-Western encounters

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Book Chapter

  • "Egypt: How the revolution has impacted the debate over minority rights and multiculturalism." In Multiculturalism and Democracy and North Africa: Aftermath of the Arab Spring, edited by Moha Ennaji, 223-245. New York: Routledge, 2014.

Conference Papers

  • My Wife Is a General Director: Pop Culture and State Feminism in Nasser-Era Egypt,"paper presented at the 55th Annual Meeting of the Middle East Studies Association, Nov. 2021.

  • The Open DoorFilm and Women in Post-1952 Egypt: State Feminism, Postcolonialism, and Women’s Voices,” paper presented at the 54th Annual Meeting of the Middle East Studies Association, Oct. 2020.

  • "The Paradoxes of the Copts' Rights Question in Post-Revolution Egypt." Paper presented at the Mediterranean Programme: 14th Mediterranean Research Meeting
    (Workshop #12: Secularism and Minority Rights), Mersin, Turkey, March 2013.