The Art of Communication: The Unveiling of the Bell Memorial Revisited

Congratulations to PhD candidates, Evan Habkirk and Mary Beth Start on their recent book, “The Art of Communication: The Unveiling of the Bell Memorial Revisited.”

The book celebrates the unveiling the the Bell Memorial in Brantford, Ontario in 1917. The first half of the book explores the hidden messages in the memorial and tracks the memorials history from planning, erecting, unveiling and what the memorial has come to mean for the people of Brantford over the years.

The second part of the book is a reproduction of all the unveiling ceremonies of the memorial in 1917, including the speeches given by Alexander Graham Bell and other dignitaries. Mary Beth and I also researched all the local people mentioned in the transcript, giving them a voice. 

The book was jointly published by the Bell Homestead National Historic Site and the Great War Centenary Association Brantford, Brant County, Six Nations. Books are $20. Lots of Brantford WWI local history in the book.

The Great War Centenary Association (, the Bell Homestead (, and Evan Habkirk ( have copies of this book for sale. Please contact them to get your own copy.

The book was officially launched in Brantford on the 100th anniversary of the unveiling of the memorial on 24 Oct.  Lots of pic from the event on the Bell Homestead facebook page.