Michael S. Fulton

- Assistant Professor

image of Michael Fulton
PhD, Cardiff University, 2016
Email: mfulton8@uwo.ca 
Office: LWH 1220

Virtual Office Hours: Tuesdays 12:00pm-2:00pm

Research Interests

My research relates to the history and archaeology of conflict in the Middle Ages, with the crusades as a particular context of interest. Much of my early research focused on the development of siege technologies in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, and the effects this had on the concurrent evolution of fortifications. 

Current Research Projects 

I am currently working on two book projects, both of which deal with the interactions and relations between the Franks of the crusader kingdom of Jerusalem and their Muslim neighbours of Egypt and Syria. 

The first, Crusader Castle: The Desert Fortress of Kerak, examines the crusader, and later Ayyubid, Mamluk and Ottoman, castle of Kerak in modern Jordan. The site, its significance and development are investigated from historical and archaeological perspectives. 

The second, The Contest for Egypt, explores the tripartite struggle between Jerusalem, Damascus and Cairo for control of Egypt during the twilight years of the Fatimid caliphate in the late twelfth century.

Select Publications 


  • (2019) Siege Warfare during the Crusades (Pen & Sword). 
  • (2018) Artillery in the Era of the Crusades (Brill). 


  • (2020) “Disaster in the Delta? Sicilian Support for the Crusades and the Siege of Alexandria, 1174,” in Warfare in the Norman Mediterranean, ed. Georgios Theotokis (Boydell), pp. 225-38. 
  • (2020) “Overlooked Ordnance: Artillery Projectiles of the Crusader Period,” in Crusading and Archaeology, ed. Vardit Shotten-Hallel and Rosie Weetch (Routledge), pp. 300-27. 
  • (2019) “The Siege of Montfort and Mamluk Artillery Technology in 1271: Integrating the Archaeology and Topography with the Narrative Sources,” Journal of Military History 83.3, pp. 689–717 
  • (2017) “The Myth of the Hybrid-Trebuchet,” Viator 48.2, pp. 49–70. 
  • (2017) “A Ridge Too Far: The Siege of Saone/Sahyun in 1188 and Contemporary Trebuchet Technology,” Crusades 16, pp. 33–53. 
  • (2016) “Manjaniq Qarabugha and Thirteenth-Century Trebuchet Nomenclature,” Studia Islamica 111.2, pp. 179–201 [with R. Khamisy]. 
  • (2015) “Development of Prefabricated Artillery during the Crusades,” Journal of Medieval Military History 13, pp. 51–72