History (Thesis)

Name Email/Office
Robert Armstrong Topic: Environmental History of Oil in Lambton County
Supervisor: Alan MacEachern 

Michael Brown Topic: Understanding the Social, Economic and Cultural Impact of the Child Emigration Movement in Canada from 1869-1932
Supervisor: Robert Wardhaugh 
Lawson Hall 1210

Dryden Choban Topic: Canadian Comrades: The Canadian Communist Movement and the Cold War
Robert Wardhaugh 
Lawson Hall 1210

Brigette Farrell Topic: An Analysis of Psychological Impairment in First World War Canadian Soldiers
Supervisor: Jonathan Vance 
Lawson Hall 1209

Jessi Gilchrist Topic: Global Governance and Imperial Entanglements: Cooperation, Competition and Catastrophe in Anglo-Italian Relations, 1919-1935
Francine McKenzie 
Lawson Hall 1209

Sarah Hart Topic: Muddying the Lens: Private Photographs and the Canadian Expeditionary Force
Jonathan Vance 
Lawson Hall 1201

Patrick Holland Stergar TopicDepot Harbour: A Study of an Early 20th Century Canadian Grain Port
Supervisor: Francine McKenzie


Ilinca Olariu Topic: For Homelands, Both Old and New: Romanian-born Soldiers in the Canadian Expeditionary Force
Supervisor: Jonathan Vance
Lawson Hall 1209

Sam Pitre Topic: The Lasting Impact of the White Movement on Russia and the Western World
Marta Dyczok 
Lawson Hall 1209

Kenny Reilly Topic: Kudzu, The Vine that ate the North
Supervisor: Alan MacEachern 
Lawson Hall 1203
Paul White Topic: TBD
Keith Fleming
LwH 2215

Sandra White Topic: Excisemen and Smugglers: A History of Whiskey in Scotland
Supervisor: Benjamin Forster 
Lawson Hall 1203

History (Year 1)

Name UWO Email Office
Amaru Anderson  LWH 1265
David Buglass  LWH 2252
Hailey Clarke  LWH 1265
Liam Clifford LWH 1265
Emma Comber  LWH 1265
Ellery Cuculick  LWH 2252
Debra Deschutter  LWH 2252
Hayley Dick  LWH 1265
Joseph Fitkowski  LWH 1265
Samantha Franco  LWH 1265
Benjamin Gladstone  LWH 1265
Katherine Hardy   LWH 1265
Madeline Hiltz  LWH 1265
Joshua Lomax  LWH 1265
Julian Matheson  LWH 1265
Michelangelo Pepe  LWH 2252
Jayme Pinkham  LWH 1265
Kaden Proswe  LWH 1265
Andrew Rice  LWH 1265
Grace Rosien  LWH 2252
Christopher Weekly  LWH 1265