Our Facilities

Collaborative Meeting Space (LH 2269)

The Public History program has a dedicated classroom and meeting space. Students can access it at all times for group work, or meetings with community members.

Digital Classroom (LH 2207C)

Lawson Hall 2270C is our digital classroom. There are iMacs on tables around the edges of the room, with seminar-style tables down the centre. Some of the Macs have virtualization software (Fusion, Parallels) which allows Windows and Linux to be run within windows on a Mac.  New software includes the standard Microsoft Office, graphics applications like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, the programming language Max 6, programs for audio and video creation, and animation.

Graduate Computer Lab & So Much More (LH 2207B)

Lawson Hall 2270B is a faculty- and graduate student-accessible computer lab. It has new Windows and Macintosh computers, plus scanners and printers and some other neat new tools. These include Cintiq interactive pen displays, which let you draw/paint directly on the screen with a stylus and a computer-controlled Roland vinyl sign cutter for making signs, posters, and other displays with sticky-back vinyl. It can also be used to cut plastic stencils for painting, silk-screening, and the like.

In 2270B there are also locked cabinets containing tablets, video cameras, still cameras, 3D scanners, audio recording equipment, tripods, lighting kits, a light tent, green screen and other media production tools.

Read more about the lab here.

The Medical Artifact Collection (LH 2260)

The Medical Artifact Collection at Western holds over 1000 artifacts related to the history of health and medicine in Ontario. Professionally rehoused to museum quality standards, the collection is available to students to learn about collections care and management, and for research and exhibit development.