ROLA Update

There are several links on the Faculty's Research web page designed to help.  In particular, an illustrated tutorial can be found at:

Please note that the Faculty requires two additional pieces of information to be added to the ROLA form that are not part of the RD&S's default. They are:

    • Under the GENERAL INFO. TAB:
      Lay Description/Abstract
      • The researcher can include a project abstract by clicking on the yellow label to the right of the title line. Please be sure to enter a short summary of the project here.

  • Under the Project/Budget TAB:
    • In the "Description" box which can be accessed by clicking on the word "Description" to the right of the title, please indicate any resources required from the Faculty of Social Science (such as release time, space, matching funds etc). If no Faculty resources are required, please indicate that fact.

Please see for further details.

ROLAs that are not complete will be returned to the PI. Please note that RD&S will on occasion complete ROLAs on behalf of a researcher. If so, please ensure that the person filling out the form is aware of the Faculty's requirements.