Pre-1800 & Geographic Distribution Requirements

All of the courses that satisfy the Pre-1800 and Geographic Distribution Requirements are now included in the revised module language in the Academic Calendar.  The courses below are offered in the 2019-20 academic year.  

Pre-1800 Courses

History 2401E - Medieval Europe

History 2503F - Heresy, Witchcraft, and Social Control: The Inquisition in the Spanish and Portuguese Empires 1478-1800

History 3404G - Montesquieu to Mill: Classic Texts and Debates in Western Culture (II)

History 3412F - Britain's Sailors, Soldiers, and Empire: 1689-1902

History 4603G - Silk Roads and Spice Routes: Ancient and Medieval Asia and World Contacts

Geographic Distribution Requirements

The Geographic Distribution requirement is satisfied by taking:

  • 1.0 course from History 2300-2399, History 3300-3399, or History 4300-4399 (U.S. History) AND
  • 1.0 course from History 2400-2499, History 3400-3499, or History 4400-4499 (European History) AND
  • 1.0 course from History 2500-2599, History 2600-2699, History 3500-3599, History 3600-3699, History 4500-4599, History 4600-4699, History 3701E, or History 3702F/G (World History)