Research Seminar Series

History’s Research Seminar Series offers the Western and London communities the chance to hear historical researchers of all sorts – academic and public historians from our own department and from across North America – present the findings of their research. Always engaging, always topical, and always in-person and on Zoom, throughout the school year.

All sessions will be held at 12:30pm in LWH2270C.

2023-2024 Schedule

Fall Term 2023

September 21 - Marko: A Jewish Surgeon on the Death Railway, 1942-45 - Jonathan Vance (History, Western)

October 19 - From Rejuvenation to Transgender Revolution: Harry Benjamin and the Origins of Gender-affirming Care - Alison Li (independent scholar)

November 30 - Childhood Studies & the Indian Act - Kristine Alexander (History, Lethbridge)

Winter Term 2024

January 18 - Comics as Scholarship: A Graphic History of Canada's First World War - Matthew Barrett (independent scholar) 

February 1 - Finding the Stories of the Impoverished: Unmarked Burials in Ingersoll - Cody Groat (History, Western) 

February 8 - Replaying the Second World War: Comparing and Contrasting Soviet and Russian Uses of Filtration Camps and Population Transfers During and After Wartime - Oleksa Drachewych (History, Western) 

March 7 - The Infantilization of International Relations: Children, Peace and the Creation of the UN-System in the 1940s - Francine McKenzie (History, Western)

March 28 - Selling Fun: Canada's O-Pee-Chee Company - Michael Dove (History, Western) 


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