Past MA Theses

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Name Supervisor Title
Grace Peeters-Rosien Jonathan Vance Canadian Prisoners of the First World War. The Struggle for Resilience
Emma Kuiack Jonathan Vance Unsung Equine Heroes of War:  An Analysis of the Roles and Importance of Equines in the Great War
Rose Giles Alan MacEachern Groves of Trees Were God’s First Temples”: An Environmental Analysis of Second World War Alternative Service
Marshall Cosens Robert Wardhaugh & Keith Fleming Moral Subjects: The Girls' Friendly Society, Empire and Modern Girlhood in Canada, c 1920s
Ryan McLachlan Jonathan Vance The Empire Strikes Back: Memory, Meaning and the Falkland Islands


Name Supervisor Title
Samantha Franco Shelley McKellar

"Death strikes down the innocent and the young": Tracheotomy in the saving of a child's life during the diphtheria outbreaks of Victorian London, 1850-1900.

Benjamin Gladstone Jonathan Vance Making the Mandates System
Madeline Hiltz Allyson May Going With The Flow: The Evolution of Menstrual Education in England, 1850 to 1930
Andrew Rice Aldona Sendzikas and Robert Barney The 1980 Moscow Olympic Boycott as a Tool of American Foreign Policy
Hayley Dick Aldona Sendzikas Illusory Inclusion: The Underlying Racial Barriers in Civil Defense 1950-1965
David Buglass Frank Schumacher Colonial Education and Knowledge Circulations in the Phillippines Under U.S. Rule, 1898-1916


Name Supervisor Title
Paul White Keith Fleming  The Impact of the Forest Products and Tourism Industries on the Development of the Bruce Peninsula, 1850-2019
Jessi Gilchrist Francine McKenzie Global Governance and Imperial Entanglements: Competition, Cooperation, and Catastrophe in Anglo-Italian Relations, 1922-1940
Sandra White Benjamin Forster Smugglers and Excisemen: The History of Whisky in Scotland, 1700 to 1824
Sarah Hart Jonathan Vance Muddying the Lens: Photographs of the Canadian Expeditionary Force
Brigette Farrell Jonathan Vance Shell Shock in the First World War: An Analysis of Psychological Impairment in Canadian Soldiers.
Kenneth Reilly Alan MacEachern "Plant Kudzu Seeds Up Nawth": Northern Reactions to Kudzu, 1876-2009
Patrick Holland-Stergar Francine McKenzie Depot Harbour: The Rise and Fall of an Ontario Grain Port


Name Supervisor Title
Robert Armstrong Alan MacEachern An Environmental History of Oil Development in Southwestern Ontario, 1858-1885
Maggie Ross Robert Wardhaugh "She was a disgrace to her sex": Prostitution and Moral Panic in London, Ontario, 1880-1885
Austen Smith Nancy Rhoden “All Men Would be Tyrants if They Could”: Three New England Women’s Perspectives on Political and Domestic Tyranny during the Revolutionary Era
Vesna Curlic Shelley McKellar Home Sweet Home: Domesticity in English and Scottish Insane Asylums, 1890-1914
Jordyn Bailey Eli Nathans & Jonathan Vance Arrival of the Fittest: German POWs in Ontario during the Second World War


Name Supervisor Title
Shane Roberts Alan MacEachern Separating the Sands: Karl Clark and Early Oil Sands Research in Alberta

MA Thesis option was reintroduced in 2016-17


Name Supervisor Title
Robert N. Hall Andrew Johnston When the Margins Become the Centre: Black Veterans' Responses to America in the Wake of Vietnam


Name Supervisor Title
Amanda Judge Gary Owens Against all Odds: Terence MacSwinery and Bobby Sands, a Study in Martyrdom
Michael Veenema Roger Hall Challenge, Corruption, and Grace on the Road to Closure: The Moravian Mission of New Fairfield on the Thames, 1843-1903


Name Supervisor Title
Erin Black Andrew Johnston "Isolationist" Subtexts: Reappraising America's Foreign Policy, 1945-1949
Gordon Cavanaugh Jonathan Vance The Knights of the Air and the mYth of Chivalry
Karl Hamid Luz-Maria Hernandez-Saenz The Specter That Haunted: The Doctrine of the Cuban Internationalism, 1975-1991
Elizabeth Lesson Donald Avery Preserving Identity: The Six Nations of the Grand River and the Second World War
Peter Morrison Andrew Johnston "True Men" American Manhood and the Coming of the Cold War
Michael L. Petricca Benjamin Forster Edward Plunket Taylor's Entrepreneurial Visions of Expansion: The Interrelated Development of Canadian Breweries Limited and Argus Corporation, 1945-1975
Jeffrey Temple Thomas Sea Fixity and Flexibility in Calvin's Doctrine of the Church


Name Supervisor Title
Michael Deeb Maya Shatzmiller The Dissolution of the State of Lebanon
Andrew David A. Smith Roger Hall The Constitutional Act of 1791 in an International Context


Name Supervisor Title
Christopher Badenoch Roger Emerson The Conjectural History of Language in the Scottish Enlightenment
Terry Foster Margaret Kellow William Clarke Quantrill and the Civil War in West Missouri
Guy St-Denis Benjamin Forster Suckertown: A Case Study of Urbanization in Early Ontario
Gregory Stott Roger Hall The Maintenance of Suburban Autonomy: The Story of the Village of Petersville-London West, Ontario 1847-1897
Andrew S. Thompson Donald Avery The Politics of Intervention: Haiti Human Rights and the Influence of the International Community 1957-1994


Name Supervisor Title
Jennifer Lynn Carson Margaret Kellow "Your Sisters of Darker Hue": African-American Women Workers and the Women's Trade Union League
Kathy English Benjamin Forster Family Ties and Chains of Ownership: The Expositor: From Thomas Hiram Preston to Conrad Moffat Black 1880-1900
Janet McShane Galley Margaret Kellow "I did it to hide my shame": Community Responses to Suspicious Infant Deaths in Middlesex County, 1850-1900
Helen Roos Douglas Leighton "Hollow Promises and Deadly Bullets: Canadian Medals for Patriotism" An Examination of the Stoney Point Land Appropriation, 1940-1943


Name Supervisor Title
Noel Bullock Colin Read The Development of Canadian and American Wheat Policy on the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration and on the Combined Food Board
Inge Sanmiya George Emery Opposition in the Elimination of Synthetic Laundry Detergents in Canada, 1947-1992
Daniel Wells Roger Emerson The Progress of Scottish Society: The Use of History in the Formation of National Identity
Bruce L. Willis Gerald Killan The Environmental Effects of the Yukon Gold Rus 1896-1906: Alterations to Land Destruction of Wildlife and Disease


Name Supervisor Title
Clark Heard Donald Avery & Roger Hall Sideshows and the Main Tent: A Social History of the Symbiotic Relationship Between the University of Western Ontario and its Senior Intercollegiate League Football Program, 1929-1970
Sara Morrison Ian Steele Fell, Sell or Save? The Dilemma in English Forst Policy, 1649-1660
George Smith Roger Hall Canadian Aviation Medicine 1939-1945
Susan R. Swallow Peter Neary Olive Ruth Russell: A 20th Century Canadian Progressive
Kam Teo Robert Hohner I am White and I am Black: Walter White and the NAACP, 1949-1950


Name Supervisor Title
Elisabeth Leiss McKellar Roger Hall Out of Order: Florence Carlyle and the Challenge of Identity, 1864-1923


Name Supervisor Title
Jim Benincasa Douglas Leighton Sources of Conflict: The Six Nations' Loss of Traditional Government
William Pascoe Robert Hohner Seasons in the Sun: The Negro Baseball Leagues
Andrew Ross Benjamin Forster A History of the Heinzman Piano Company, 1888-1922


Name Supervisor Title
Kevin Duggan Jack Ogelsby The Planning and Execution of Assault Landings: Tarawa, Kwajalein, and Saipan
Stacy Lorenz Ian Steele "To Do Justice to His Majesty, the Merchant and the Planter": Governor William Gooch and Anglo-Virginia Politics, 1727-1749
Lance Mercer Robert Hohner Woodrow Wilson and the Armenian Question, 1915-1920
Jon W. Parmenter Ian Steele Pontiac's War: Protecting Native Sovereignty in the Great Lakes Region, 1756-1766
Jennifer Pettit George Emery From Longhouse to Schoolhouse: The Mohawk Institute 1834-190
John Schuit Frederick Dreyer Jonathan Edwards and Conviction of Sin: An Aspect of Eighteenth Century Revivalism
Steve Seguin Jean Matthews Evolution of the Circus, 1820-1880
Robert Stewart Neville Thompson The Lightening Rod for Lord Liverpool's Government, Lord Castleeagh and His Critics: 1812 to 1822
Stephanie Tiffin Peter Neary The Evolution of Labour and Gender Relations at the J.M. Schneider Company of Kitchener, Ontario