Application Process


Application Process

Portal opens on October 1, 2022

The Graduate Committee will begin reviewing applications on 1 February 2023 and will stop reviewing applications on 30 April 2023.  Applications received on or before 1 February will receive full consideration for scholarships.

Western has moved to an internal online application system for all graduate programs, so all supporting documentation is submitted in a digital format there. For information about the system, click on the Online Application page. To begin your online application, click the Apply Now button.

As you will see, the application process requires:

  • Biographical and contact information
  • Academic background
  • Statement of academic intent (roughly a page, page and a half in length)
  • Transcripts from previous universities/colleges attended
  • Names and contact information for 2 academic references
  • Proficiency in English scores, if applicable
  • $125 application Fee

as well as:

  • for MA in Public History applicants, the name and contact information for 1 professional (public history) reference, if available
  • for PhD applicants, a writing sample, such as a chapter of the MA thesis

Students who had withdrawn from their program and now wish to complete it must formally re-apply for admission. Credit for previous work completed must be approved by History and the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (SGPS).

If you face any technical issues while going through the admissions process, please contact the SGPS help line at 519-850-2341 or If you have any questions about the program, please contact Kara Brown, our Graduate Program Coordinator, or Prof. Eli Nathans, our Graduate Chair.

Admission Decisions

We attempt to make a decision on your application as soon after the 1 February deadline as possible. On occasion, we may defer the decision until May, particularly if you are in an academic program at present and we are awaiting your final grades.

Applicants who have been offered admission to SGPS accept or decline their offers online. To do so: login to the Western Student Center with the Western Personal Computer Account information you will have been provided, locate the Admissions grid, and select "Accept or Decline" to begin the process.