Program Modules

The possible module combinations depend on the degree in which you’re enrolled. Below are links to Academic Calendar descriptions of each module as well as program checklists to download to help you plan your course selection each year.

Honours Specializations

The Honours Specialization module is for students who have a strong interest in History, and who are considering entering graduate studies in History. Students may also be considering entrance into other disciplines as well, and the Honours Specialization is excellent preparation for all areas of study at the graduate level. History graduates are prized for their broad-minded approach to problem-solving, for their capacity to gather and analyze vast quantities of information, and for knowing how to communicate what is essential. The Honours Specialization also prepares students for studies in Teacher’s College, Law School, Business School, Journalism and other professional vocations.


The Specialization in History is a non-honours module for students who are interested in History.  For information on the requirements, please see the module description below.


If you wish to learn about History, research and methodologies, and be able to critically understand and evaluate Historical texts, the History Major is for you. You will learn to communicate your ideas orally and in written form using the conventions of the discipline. You may earn an Honours degree by combining a History major with a Major in another discipline (a minimum 70% average is required in each discipline). The Honours Double Major is a valuable stepping stone to other professional programs such as Teacher’s College, Law School, Business School, Journalism and the like.


If you wish to study History as part of your general education or as a complement to your training in another discipline or professional program, the History minor would be a good fit for you. As well, if you are considering entering teachers college, a History minor is considered one teachable.