Our Curriculum


Our curriculum is well-rounded so that students experience a mix of research, theory, writing, and practical experience. It is also flexible so that students may tailor their courses to their topical interests.

We have two options for the Public History MA:  a 12 month course and internship based field and a 16 month field which additionally includes a cognate paper. Students who take the 16 month field will return for the fall semester after their summer internship to complete a research based paper on a public history topic of their choice with a cognate supervisor. The cognate paper may or may not be linked to earlier courses and/or their internship experience. 

All Public History students take 3 one-term mandatory courses, 3 one-term optional courses, and the internship. The required courses are:

  • History 9800: Public History: Theory, History and Practice (fall)
  • History 9801: Group Project (winter)
  • History 9808: Digital History (fall)
  • History 9802: Internship (summer)

For optional courses, students may take the Public History courses History 9832: Interactive Exhibits, Disability and Design Justice; History 9807: Museology; History 9809: Social Memory; or History 9806: Understanding Archives. Some courses, such as History 9202: Canada and the First World War, offer students the option to complete Public History related projects. These courses offer a mix of research and practical experience.

Students who are particularly interested in a specific topic or theme may also take any regular graduate course in history offered by the department and may take an additional term to complete a research-based cognate paper.

Students may choose to take a course outside of the History department with special permission. In the past, students have taken courses in Visual Arts, Geography, Journalism, Education, and Anthropology, which teaches topics and skills that are often part of Public History. For those available for the upcoming academic year, please contact Prof. Mike Dove, Director of Public History, at mdove2@uwo.ca.

“This program brings a different perspective than some of the other programs, simply because it has a much broader reach.”
-Kerri Button, Curator of History, The Rooms Corporation, St. John’s, Newfoundland